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Elevate Mentorship Program by Rebuild Networking


Boost the visibility, awareness and connection of participants and resources in support of various interest and career goals.


Equip participants with the resources, skills and alliance required to seize opportunity for financial success in a business capacity.


Advocate for participants opportunities that will help them become influencers within the community and their families.

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Rebuild Networking in association with The Athletes Economic Alliance of Texas a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to become successful in high school and beyond. We apply a hands-on approach in working with youth to emphasize education and the importance it plays in students perspective career path.


Social and economic factors, such as income, education, employment, community safety, and social supports can significantly affect how well and how long we live. For example, employment provides income that shapes choices about housing, education, child care, food, medical care, and more. …

Social Impact

Our Vision

We Have Vision

We had over 1400 job seekers signed up. This was our biggest event ever in Sunnyside at World Harvest Outreach.

April 18th 2024

Hiring event for high school students on the southside of Houston, Texas.

April 4th 2024

Hiring event in San Antonio

March 14th 2024

Sunnyside Employment Initiative

March 2023 Job Fair

Latest events

Sunnyside Job Fair in 13th July 2023
Thanks to Houston Magic 102, 97.9 the Boxx and Praise 92.1 their support make the Job Fair a success.
The interview is for the July 13th Job Fair with Magic 102.1 in Houston, Tx

This is the hiring event flyer, and the event was the first hiring event for 2024!

These photos are from the Sunnyside Winter Harvest hiring event. We had a record turnout over 300 job seekers attended.

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Upcoming Programs

We update all of our Programs here, so keep updated and check all of our upcoming programs. Stay Tuned!

Our next job Fair July 13th 2023.

Rebuild Networking


Over 100 families received free Internet for 2 years.

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Rebuild Networking want to thank all our partners for help making the Job Fair a success. We were blessed to serve over 300 Job Seekers


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